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Quick Update

It’s been nearly 4 months since I’ve last blogged. Partly because I’d been spread thin by flinging myself into project or two that weren’t my own, trying to get to grips with intermediate computing topics as well as the pangs and doldrums of life.

I’ve been trying to set up a framework to ensure everything is tracked, to ensure that all projects that have started and will start, as well as lofty visions, scheming and goals will have a centralized, easy to manage repository from where progress can be tracked, left off and picked up at a later stage and not just have become a swirl of ephemeral brain static and shorts.

Besides that, working on non JavaScript based systems means that whatever I’ve been working on was by default in exclusion of this blog. All of that will be rectified shortly as I hope to create a sub-site for this blog which will encompass all non JavaScript based topics and musings. Also more focused learning paths and more lucid and pragmatic transcribing of those efforts coming soon. Till then, stay classy.red-and-black-typewriter