Accessing JavaScript object properties indirectly

When it comes to accessing data in JavaScript objects there are two methods available dot operator . bracket notation [] Take as a example an object with the following properties: var newObj = { propertyOne: “some string”, propertyTwo: 2, “property Three” : “other string”, 4 : “Four” }; Dot Operator The dot operator is typical […]

JavaScript Arrays – Push it real good

A quick shout to JavaScript array methods. With ECMA-262 version 5 (latest version 6), came several new methods for manipulating arrays. Lets focus on the ones that allow user to add or remove from either end of an array. Add an item to the end of an array: push() The push() method allows an element […]

Scavenging old posts

So to populate an otherwise empty blog, I’ve decided to take the quick (cheap) way and just list some of the JavaScript posts I’ve written up in the past. Hopefully worthwhile information and possibly even leads to new posts in the future: Understanding Modulo operator in JavaScript For Loops in JavaScript explained JavaScript resources Learning […]