Site is back up!

It’s only been a month, and few days since the last post. In a bit to prevent spam comments on the site I installed akismet. However that resulted in the site breaking and me left with a 500 server error with not a clue what the hey was going on.

Brown rolled hay

After finally fixing the issue and being able to access the site, the spam comments seemed to be getting worse – roughly 2-3 almost every 5 minutes. So had to re-break the site and leave it hanging with a 500 error.

Fast forward to today, finally got the site back online, spam control installed and functional AND also got the child theme back up :D.

First order of business is light clean up of posts and refresh images and links. Other tasks to follow:

  • Update change log
  • Extend child theme
  • Build extra sites to focus on non javascript topics

That’s it for now. Stay tuned.

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