Back at it – Can you say Full Stack Web Development?

Admist a flurry of finishing up final year of my computing degree and that oft unforeseen but ever present pummelling that life likes to give when you least expect it, I am completely drained – mentally, physically, intellectually and emotionally – in all sorts and manners. Add to which I LOVE to put my fingers in more pies than I have fingers and over extend myself. A figurative fly that built its own reticular web onto which it has entangled itself – ahhh so relaxing. So there you have a quick glimpse of my overall state.

One of the main things I’m focusing on at the moment:
Full-Stack Web Development Mini-Degree from Zenva

I’m going through the paces of HTML/CSS/Bootstrap what have you. It does give a fair bit of exposure around the basics, and builds something practical which you can use to salvage parts from later. The responsive web design part left a bit wanting, but, at this stage i’m going to reserve judgement till I’ve completed more parts of the course.

These are the courses as part of the program

  • Learn HTML and CSS by creating a responsive company website
  • The Complete Responsive Web Design Course
  • Intro to Bootstrap
  • The Complete Guide to Bootstrap 4
  • JavaScript Programming – Learn by Making a Mobile Game
  • Create Interactive Pages with JavaScript and the DOM API
  • Build JavaScript Applications with Vue.js
  • Discover jQuery – Create Interactive Websites
  • Reponsive Admin Pages with Semantic UI
  • Node.js for Beginners – Create Server-Side Apps with JavaScript
  • Modern JavaScript – From ES6 to ES9
  • Express for Beginners
  • MongoDB for Beginners
  • Server-Side Rendered Webapps with Node.js, Express and MongoDB
  • Create REST APIs with Express and MongoDB
  • Build Web Applications with React
  • Intro to Next.js
  • Project-Based Next.js – Games Website
  • Intermediate React and Redux
  • Introduction to GraphQL
  • TypeScript for Beginners
  • Learn Angular by Creating a Web Application
  • Git and Github – Version Control and Collaboration
  • AWS Deployment for Node.js Applications
  • Azure Deployment for Node.js Applications

Quite the set of tutorials. However I’m just aching to get back into JavaScript. So while I’m currently at the beginning levels and won’t be jumping in some juicy JS as soon as I’d like, I’ve decided to take up one of my old projects, Simple Luas App [Repo], and rebuild it using a framework. Thinking React because why not.

I know there’s some redesign, structural changes and additions I need to do to the site, but hey this sounds like more fun. So stay tuned for that and till then auf wiedersehen.

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