Get started using web API’s – Luas Forecasting API

My JavaScript excursions have taken a damper as of late. Without much digression, the next mini project I want to tackle is how to consume an api and present it on a page. I’ve been having a bit of internal conflict if I should conduct this on GitHub or codepen and came to the conclusion that i’ll do it on both – first attempt on GitHub and a cloned, improved version, on codepen.

For this tutorial, of sorts, will include the following:

  • Consume the public Luas API
  • Extract relevant information and display on a page

At this point it will only be for a specific location and inbound shuttles. At this stage the HTML & CSS have been setup, as well as the AJAX script to call the Luas Forecasting API.

The API only seemed to show tabular information and not much of explanation or examples are available, bar one on the page for the aforementioned API. It seemed to be only displaying the current status, however, when it was retrieved, the response contained all the relevant information that is needed i.e. the stop name, inbound/outbound and luas arrival times.

Luas Forecasting API response message

Luas Forecasting API response message XML

The next step will be to parse the XML received and push the relevant info to the page. The code so far is available on GitHub. One issue is the GitHub page the AJAX call refuses to play nice. I’l have to look into that as well the next time around, stay tuned!


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