About Me

Just a regular guy interested in most all things informational and technology; put them together and even better. Loves learning, especially computing, and creating.

 http://barebonesdaily.blogspot.ie/    http://barebonesdaily.blogspot.ie/    http://barebonesdaily.blogspot.ie/


First semi-professional life was as a graphic designer.  Final year project consisted of designing, laying out, pre-press and editing a 300+ page book. Most of my portfolio was lost through various moves over the years (digitization barely crossed my mind in the early 00’s) but I did manage to scrape together a small sample while building a portfolio website: http://donyd.me.pn/Portfolio/index.html (Other remnants post that era can be found here: http://donyd.me.pn/)

Building the site and interning as a graphic designer at a software firm reignited something that I wanted to do since I could remember – being a programmer. So with that in my sights, I completed my first degree, Bachelor of Arts in Information Systems Management, followed by an MBA. Closer than before, but still somewhat fresh and lacking I ventured into the wild and wondrous world of IT.

While working as a software quality assurance agent I enrolled in a part-time computing degree to fill out any gaps and align closer to the goal of becoming a developer.

What I’m doing now

Currently working as Application Support Engineer which has improved my SQL 2 fold while gaining some exposure to bash, server log monitoring and getting to ‘greps’ with all manner of associated tech.

While I’m not busy learning for work, or mostly college at the moment, I enjoy exploring various pursuits as time permits, including:

  • Game development using Unity game engine (on my to-be-done list)
  • Python (on hiatus as I dive headlong into PHP)
  • This, and another blog.
  • videos on Youtube – mostly tutorials, hopefully more product reviews